Career Development

We offer confidential career coaching, mentoring and a range of training courses, including a development programme designed for women. 

Flexible Working

We offer a variety of time-off arrangements, including flexi leave, shared parental leave in some regions and two days of paid volunteer leave each year. Confidential counselling services are also available 24/7. 

Parents at the FT

Helping working parents is a core part of our diversity and inclusion strategy. FT employees who are eligible for maternity leave in any of our global locations receive 20 weeks leave paid in full. We provide structured coaching support before, during and after family leave so new parents can return to work with confidence, and we are committed to exploring other ways to better support all working parents and those who care for other dependents. 

Health & Wellness

We offer competitive health care options in all regions, plus services to help employees and their families manage their health and wellbeing. Take advantage of a subsidised gym membership in London, New York and Manila or weekly yoga and meditation classes in London. Our London and Manila offices also have on-site restaurant and dining facilities. 

Investing in Your Future

Employees can save for the future through competitive local pension schemes, such as a double match employee pension contribution in UK and an additional retirement savings plan in China.  

Access to Arts & Culture

FT employees get free or discounted access to an array of museums and cultural exhibits throughout the UK and in Hong Kong.

FT Speaker Series

We host a range of experts and authors through a regular events programme for staff on site. 

Giving Back

We provide opportunities on site and in our local communities so employees can contribute to causes they care about. Staff are entitled to two paid days of volunteering leave each year, plus up to £500 in company matching for charities they support.